T-Mask was born from the desire of Ivan and Gabriele to do something concrete for the population in this emergency and this is how this infinitely reusable mask was born, with filters (SURGICAL, FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3) and made entirely in Italy. (Click here to discover the other advantages of T-Mask: https://tmask.it/pages/vantaggi )

T-Mask is created by TEO-REMA Srl, a company present on the Italian and international market of industrial gaskets.

TEO-REMA Srl proposes itself to the global market by satisfying the requests of each customer, thanks to the use of customized technologies for the realization in small, medium and large series of technical articles, made with all types of polymers.

A well-equipped analysis laboratory allows TEO-REMA Srl to research the continuous technological improvement of its products.

The great experience and professionalism of the TEO-REMA Srl technicians allow you to carry out studies and projects on your own or in collaboration with the customer's design offices, for the creation of highly critical and reliable products.

Our experience, our know-how, and above all our determination have given life to this special and important project: T-Mask.