Privacy policy

The protection of privacy and data security are an extremely important topic for us, for this reason we are committed to respecting and implementing all the European directives currently in force.

What data is saved in your database?

T-Mask saves only and exclusively the data provided by you, that is, those essential for registering your account, those you enter to place an order without registration or your e-mail address if you wish to subscribe to our newsletter service.

The data relating to your credit cards are processed exclusively by banks, on a secure server. T-Mask does not record any data relating to your credit cards in its archives.

Why is this data saved?

Your account data is saved to allow you to quickly access your personal data and make the purchase operations faster. In fact, through your account you have the possibility to consult the order history or manage different shipping addresses and you can change these data at any time in complete autonomy. As for orders without registration, only the data necessary to safely manage the order fulfillment process is saved.

Is this data transferred or disclosed to third parties?

No, no-one outside T-Mask has access to your data. We do not transfer your data to third parties, nor will your data be sold or exchanged. T-Mask is the only one to use the data you provide and does it safely and in full respect of privacy. In the case of payment through the PayPal platform, your shipping address is communicated to PayPal, in order to meet the security criteria required by this platform.

Is the data management system secure?

Of course, all data is saved on servers that meet the highest security standards. T-Mask is constantly committed to protecting and keeping them safe and does not allow access to persons outside the company or unauthorized.

Does our site use cookies? What is it?

Yes, T-Mask uses cookies. Cookies are text files that contain information relating to your browsing on a site and are saved on the hard disk of the computer from which you are browsing. The use of cookies is conditioned by the browser you use to navigate. Most browsers automatically accept cookies but at any time you can choose to do without changing your browser preferences. However, this may lead to some limitations in the use of our site.

What is the data you save in your cookies?

T-Mask uses cookies. These DO NOT allow access to your computer or your data and contain only the information relating to your browsing on our site. In cookies T-Mask records the following information: your access data (only and exclusively if requested by you during login or registration), your country, the language with which you browse our site (Italian or English) and a code ID that allows you to remember the products that you have possibly added to the cart (which remains active for the duration of 30 days) and preserve the data entered in the forms.

Do you use other cookies?

T-Mask uses third-party services and tools which in turn make use of cookies. T-Mask makes use of Google Analytics, a very popular tool that allows you to analyze the activities related to browsing a site: number of pages visited, number of visitors per page, language spoken by visitors, time spent on a specific page, etc. The information collected by Google Analytics cookies is saved anonymously, transmitted and stored on the servers of Google Inc. in the United States for the purpose of compiling reports on the traffic and activities of a site for use by the operators of the site itself. T-Mask also uses tools made available by the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest), which in turn use cookies, in order to allow users who use it to share the contents on our site. For further explanations, you can check the policies of the individual social networks.