1750 1850

Mask in antibacterial silicone. It can be reused indefinitely since all silicone and plastic components can be sterilized in hot water at 100 ° C.
Do not sterilize the disposable filter because its filtering capacity may be compromised.

Main features:

  • Disposable SMS filter (there are n.30 filters in the package)
  • Silicone and plastic usable indefinitely
  • Silicone antibacterial
  • Double wearability (nape / neck or ears)
  • Possibility to purchase the "laces kit" in different colors
  • CE marking

Package contents:

  1. Antibacterial silicone mask
  2. Plastic filter holder
  3. Disposable SMS filters (30 pieces)
  4. One long "n.1" lace + One short "n.3" lace (for nape / neck)
  5. Two medium laces "n.2" adjustable (ears)
  6. Two laces clips
  7. Tool to install/replace the laces and the laces clips



    2 layers Surgical light blue T-Mask
    1750 1850

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